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Storefront Window & Door Repair

Attract customers with a gleaming storefront window from Bob's Mirror & Glass, Inc. of Corvallis, Oregon. Our professionals offer detailed window and door repairs that are sure to keep you in business.


Commercial Glass

Our team works with light commercial customers for all glass services, including new storefronts, door repairs, door closers, and replacements of broken windows. To give you peace of mind, we are even able to provide cleanup and board-up in the event of a break-in.

When you need a new glass area, our technicians come to your location, take measurements, and discuss your specific needs. We also look at your building codes to help determine the exact type of glass needed, including:

• Tempered Glass • Non-Tempered Glass • Insulated Glass • Laminated Glass

Contact us to increase the value of your business with our comprehensive storefront window and door repair.

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